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3 Ingredient Oreo Truffles


  • 1 package of Oreos
  • 1 cube of cream cheese
  • 1 package of chocolate almond bark
  • Wax paper


  1. Crumble the entire package of Oreos. If you have a food processor you can use that. However, if you do not have one, place them into a gallon size freezer bag and use a rolling pin or heavy object to crush them. They should be in a fine powder.
  2. Fold in the cube of cream cheese. If you have a mixer, you can use this to mix it easily. If you do not have one, you can do so by hand (just make sure the cream cheese is at room temp so it will blend more easily).
  3. Melt one half of the almond bark in the microwave. Put in for 1 minute and then stir. Warm for another 30 – 45 seconds. Just make sure it does not burn.
  4. Roll all all of the Oreo mixture into small balls (make them about bite size).
  5. Dip into the melted almond bark. I use a fork and roll until full covered.
  6. Place dipped Oreo balls onto cookie sheet lined with wax paper.
  7. Repeat until out of bark and then repeat steps 3 – 6.
  8. Once all are covered, dip a fork into the remaining melted almond bark and drizzle stripes across the tops of the truffles.
  9. *Optional: Before the almond bark hardens, you can add sprinkles, nuts or other toppings.